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May 03, 2019 2 min read

At Southern Sun Drones we love to fly our drones, get out in the wild places, and to capture great photos and videos. But that use of drones only touches the surface of possiblities.

Having been a teacher of Maths, Science and IT for over 30 years I decided that I needed to leverage the wealth of knowledge and skills accumulated over that time to help teachers and schools in their STEM curricula.  

Predicted Growth in the Use of Drones

The Drone Industry is presently growing at about 3% per year but  the authors that I have read recently are predicting an explosive expansion, particularly in the commercial use of drones. (Read Article It is likely that many kids in school today will work in the Drone or related industries. We are very happy here at Southern Sun Drones to contribute to that Future.

One of our Goals is to develop or source  Education Resources using Drones, and Robots, that are second to none. Arguably the best drone coding application for STEM Education is called DroneblocksBased in Houston Texas, Droneblocks are producing Apps and STEM Coding Resources that are second to none, and already cover Ryze Tello and the new Tello EDU. Droneblocks is an easy to use graphical, block coding interface. 

We are also planning to source or develop resources for use in other subject areas as well. Science and Physics come to mind immediately, besides Photography and Film Making. If you are looking to leverage the flight dream that most kids harbor, and use it to encourage interest in STEM pursuits you really need to checkout Droneblocks and get yourself a class set of drones.

Droneblocks offer FREE introductory courses  to get you started, and their more advanced courses are well priced. 

Don't have any Tellos or the budget is limited? Already have a school DJI drone.....Droneblocks  works with other DJI drones as well. They also offer courses using other coding langages as well. 

Imagine the Possiblities with Drones

Robots have been the in thing for STEM education for a while now, but Drones offer a multitude of possibilities.  Besides the obvious uses, offering new perspectives in photography and film making, future use of drones appears to only be limited by our imagination.  I read an article recently describing how the SETI Institute is using drones to 3D map ice filled lava tubes in Iceland. That’s pretty inspiring, but that’s not all. They are doing this because they have imagined using drones to map the surface of the Moon and Mars, and the Iceland project is just to practice and develop the technology. (Read Article

Imagine using your school drone or drones to complement your art courses, or use them to enthuse students about Newtonian Physics, and aYear 12 student could code a whole application for their drone in IT, or collect data for their Year 12 Project. The only limit is your, and their, imagination, and I'm sure they are not limited! Besides 'Mr Google' will have great ideas.

Use the available tools now to enthuse and teach our future Scientists, Technicians and Explorers about the possibilities! What better tool than a drone to enthuse kids, and what exciting times for STEM teachers and their students.

Happy Flying!

Live Life Creatively 

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