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SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton

  • Payload Capacity: 3kg
  • Max Flight Time: 24min
  • Auto weigh payload/ Overload warning
  • Wind Resistance: 43kph
  • Max Range: 1km
  • IP66 Waterproof Protection
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  • SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton

    Smarter, safer, more powerful
    Safety Is Our Priority

    Auto Weighing 

    Overloading Alert 

    Portable to Go Where You Go 


    Stay Connected Anytime

    A New Generation of Fishing Drone

    SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton | Southern Sun Drones

    No worries, more focus

    Failsafe Auto built-in returning system will bring your drone back home when signal is lost or battery is low.
    Remaining Range indicator.
    Electronic Fence.
    Overloading Alert.



    Environmental Adaptability

    SharkX can run your fishing missions in rainy and windy weather with IP66 waterproof protection and 43 kph wind resistance.

    Distance Is No Longer a Problem

    The SharkX enables you to reach fishing spots previously not accessible by beach fishing, and to cast a long line with ease.

    SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton | Southern Sun Drones

    Powerful Flight Performance

    Unlock your fishing potential with SharkX robust flight technologies and supreme payload capacity.

    24 MIN

    43 Kph

    1 KM






    SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton | Southern Sun Drones

    Robust. Bright. Full of might.

    Tough Guy

    SharkX propellers are made of carbon fiber with high stiffness, temperature tolerance and low noise during the rotation.

    SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton | Southern Sun Drones

    Meet A New Standard of Waterproof Drone

    IP66 fully waterproof attribute supports water surface landing and take-off.

    SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton | Southern Sun Drones

    Flight Control System

    Powered by Rippton's self-developed Gamma 2 flight control system that is specially tailored for fishing, SharkX can achieve the stability and agility that other fishing drones cannot compare.

    SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton | Southern Sun Drones

    Keep Your SharkX Upto Date Any Time

    Your drone will be continuously upgraded through wireless software updates.

    Control has never been so easy

    Release your bait and rig by just tapping on the screen.

    Optimised User Interface

    Drone and payload controls can be easily operated within taps. User experience and flight efficiency greatly improved comprehensible display of flight and navigational information.


    Autopilot mode will make your fishing mission simple and fun. Drop your bait at designated spots with a few touches.

    Rippton Fishing APP

    Enjoy and Share
    Share and learn professional fishing techniques and knowledge with 40,000 Rippton users!
    Live Annotation for Fishing Spot
    Save your fishing logs with different icon and names.

    We've got your back

    Local Australian after sales support.

    SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton | Southern Sun Drones


    Cloud Storage

    Save your remarkable fishing spots in the Rippton app and easily access your "treasures" with the same account on different devices. Your digital assets will be safe forever even if your phone is lost.

    SharkX Fishing Drone | Rippton | Southern Sun Drones


  • Specifications

    Dimensions: 480 X 480 X 215mm
    Weight: 2.4kg
    Max speed: 10m/s, 36kph
    Propellor size: 41cm
    Max payload: 3kg
    Remote range: 1km
    IP class: IP66
    Battery: 6000mAh Lipo 6S 25.2V

  • Package includes

    1 x SharkX Drone
    1 x Remote Control 
    1 x Mobile Holder 
    6 x Propeller  (3 x CW & 3 x CCW)
    1 x Drone Battery 
    1 x Battery Charger
    1 x Remote Control Charger
    1 x Battery Capacity Checker
    2 x Manuals
    1 x Neck Lanyard
    1 x Propeller Pouch
    1 x Propeller Box
    1 x Protective Carry Case