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DJI Care Refresh + offers you thechance to renew your Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) and provides one time ofproduct accidental damage replacement service within one year【1】anda one year extension of product part warranty periods【2】.

【1】Product Accidental Damage ReplacementService: Within the scope of the replacement service coverage of DJI CareRefresh +, product accidental damage replacement service (hereinafter referredto as “replacement service”) provides replacement products at an additionalcharge if your product is damaged because of accidents or during normal usewithin the period of validity.【2】Extended Warranty Service: Within thescope of the extended warranty service coverage of DJI Care Refresh +, if yourproduct is malfunctioning due to a non-user error during the warranty period,free repair services can be provided by DJI.

*Note: The content of the Extended Warranty Service in each region may bedifferent, and the service agreement shall prevail.

DJI Care Refresh + can bepurchased if:1) DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) has already been purchased.2) DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) has not yet expired.3) There is at least one product replacement left under DJI Care Refresh(1-Year Plan) .* For DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan), DJI Care Refresh + is not supported

Currently, DJI Care Refresh + only provides the International WarrantyService to some products.* For other products, the service is only available inthe country or region where the DJI Care Refresh + was purchased.If your DJI product meets the service conditions, you can use the replacementservice and extended warranty service at any of the global DJI official repaircenters which support DJI Care Refresh+ services. For details, please contactDJI Technical Support.*Products supporting the International Warranty Service: DJI OM 4, DJI RS 2,DJI RSC 2, DJI Pocket 2

At the moment, DJI Care Refresh + is available to customers in MainlandChina, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, North America (U.S. and Canada) ,EU countries,the UK, Switzerland, Norway and Australia. DJI Care Refresh + may be differentin different supported region or country. You can check the details on the DJIOnline Store.

If you purchase DJI Care Refresh + separately, you need to enter the serial number of your product here; https://service.dji.com/care/active

If your DJI product is returned according to DJI's return policy, you can also apply to return your DJI Care Refresh +. If your DJI product has notbeen returned, then you cannot return DJI Care Refresh +.DJI Care Refresh + is not transferable.

The coverage period of DJI Care Refresh + is 12 months and starts fromthe day when your DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) expires.

No. Currently, each product is eligible only once for DJICare Refresh +.

1) For the Mavic series and the Spark series, the aircraft, gimbal,camera, propellers, and battery can be replaced.2) For the Osmo series, the camera and battery can be replaced.3) For the Ronin series, the gimbal and grip can be replaced.4) For the Phantom series, the aircraft, gimbal, camera, and propellers can bereplaced.5) For the Inspire 2, the aircraft and propellers can be replaced.6) For the Zenmuse series, the gimbal and camera can be replaced.*The number of replacement parts above (if applicable): product body*1,gimbal*1, battery*1, propellers (pair)*2

The replacement units are brand-new products or equivalent to brand-newproducts in performance and reliability.

After using the replacement provided by DJI Care Refresh +, thereplacement product will automatically bind to the DJI Care Refresh + of theoriginal product and uses the validity period of the DJI Care Refresh + of theoriginal product.

No. The replacement service of DJI Care Refresh + cannot be used inadvance or used after it expires.

If your DJI product's damage is covered by the replacement service, you can go to the DJI Repair Service page at to record a case:· If you choose Online Service, please send your product to the repair centerdesignated by DJI following the instructions on the website. After DJIdetermines the damage, you can choose between replacement service and paidrepair service.· If you choose Express Service, DJI will ship out your replacement immediatelyupon receiving your damaged product.Note: the availability of this service might vary by country or region. Pleasecontact DJI Support to check if the service is available in your region.If there is a DJI flagship store swift service center (SSC) in your city, youcan record your case on SwiftService page and make an appointment, and then you can go tothe designated SSC for the replacement service or paid repair.After recording the case, you only need to send back the parts that need to bereplaced. DJI Care Refresh + will bind to the replacement automatically, andyour future service will not be affected.

1) For the Mavic series, Spark series and Phantom series, the gimbal,camera, main controller, motor, ESC, and vision system are covered.2) For the Osmo Action, the camera is covered.3) For the Osmo Pocket, Osmo +, and Osmo, the gimbal, camera, and handle arecovered.4) For the Osmo Mobile series, the main body (including the mobile phoneholder, gimbal, buttons, and handle) is covered.5) For the Ronin series, the gimbal and grip are covered.6) For the Inspire 2 aircraft, the main controller, motor, ESC, and visionsystem are covered.7) For the Zenmuse series, the gimbal and camera (including lens) are covered.

No. DJI Care Refresh + cannot be used if your out-of-warranty product is sent to DJI’s official service center and it is detected that the product has a manufacturing defect prior to your DJI Care Refresh + becomes effective. Fees that have been paid for repair will not be refunded.