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Makeblock Warranty and Service

Makeblock Warranty and Service

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Southern Sun Drones uses EEGroup Australia for all its Makeblock Warranty & Service.

For both Warranty and Non-warranty service requests contact EEGroup by email on call  (03) 9723 6699. Please advise Product, Model of product, product serial number, provide a copy of your invoice (for warranty request) and details of the fault / damage. Their after-sales team will reply via email and provide an RMA form and instructions for shipping.

Makeblock warranties provide a replacement product for warranty issues notified to them upto 7 days after receipt of the product. This, however, is at the discretion of Makeblock and EEGroup, after the product is inspected to determine the issue and its cause.

Makeblock Warranty Information

General Limited Warranty

Product Category Warranty Period
Electronic Modules One Year
Motors Three Months
Batteries Six Months (damage to battery shell during use is not included)
Others (Mechanical parts, consumable parts etc.) Not covered by this Limited Warranty. 


Note1: This Limited Warranty applies to most of Makeblock Products, including Halocode, mBot, mBot Ranger, Starter, Ultimate2.0, XY Plotter, LaserBot, mGiraffe, Neuron, Electronic Parts, Motors etc. If you are not sure whether this warranty policy is applicable to your product, please contact us at

Note 2: The Consumable parts are including but not limited to screws, screwdrivers, RJ25 cables, case material packages.

Codey Rocky Limited Warranty

Items Warranty period
Codey 1 year
Rocky 1 year
Special Components (Lithium-ion battery, Motor, Color Sensor, Track, USB cable) 6 months
Others (color card, sling, etc.) Not covered by this Limited Warranty. 


Airblock Limited Warranty


Warranty Period

Main Control Module

One Year


Six Months (damage to battery shell during use is not included)

Power Modules, Hovercraft Base and  Protective Covers

Not covered by this Limited Warranty. 


Note 3: Power modules are consumable parts, so they are not applicable to Free Repairs. Users could simply purchase new power modules to replace the damages during use.

Makeblock Warranty Policies

  • Replacement: With respect to any defective product for which Makeblock has been notified of the defect within seven calendar days since the date you received the product, Makeblock will, at Makeblock’ discretion, provide you free of charge a replacement of the same product or a latest product with equivalent performance after confirming the defect by Makeblock or EEGroup. The replaced item becomes Makeblock’s property.
  • Replenishment: If you find out any missing parts of your products within seven calendar days since the date you receive the product, Makeblock will ship you free of charge missing products or components after confirmation by Makeblock or EEGroup
  • Repairs: During the Warranty Period, if you find any performance issue with the product which is covered by this Limited Warranty, Makeblock will provide free service to repair or replace defective components after confirming the issue by Makeblock or EEGroup and Makeblock will undertake one-way logistics cost. Regarding the quality issue found at the product which does not apply to free repairs, Makeblock will provide charged repair service to the product after confirmation by Makeblock or EEGroup. The charge may vary according to the specific products and the damage level.

Note: Regarding the repaired or replaced product, it shall be warranted for two months after the date Makeblock shipped it. If the original product remaining Warranty Period is more than two months, it shall apply to the original Warranty Period.

Items not covered by This Limited Warranty

This limited warranty does not cover any damage caused by: (1) any failure of the product due to does not match the national related standards in the operating environment, including but not limited to overvoltage, overcurrent, lightning, extreme high temperature, extreme high humidity, vibration, (2) external causes such as earthquake, fire, (3) unexpected factors or human behaviors that damage the products, such as liquid contact, abuse, oxidation, rust, (4) failure to follow the product instructions to install, use, maintain, store the product, (5) unauthorized modification, decomposition, and assembly of the product, (6) transportation or storage when the purchaser ships the product back to Makeblock, (7) including but not limited to other non-design, technical, manufacture, quality issues.