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Mini Tripod | Cynova

  • Small and Light to carry
  • Provides a steady platform for your DJI Osmo Action camera
  • Can be used as a hand held device to make it easier to handle the camera
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Mini Tripod | Cynova

Use the the CYNOVA Mini Tripod for DJI Osmo Action as a hand held device, or as a tripod to steady the camera to reduce blurr in your images. Great for setting the camera up in a steady position off the ground. The  CYNOVA Mini Tripod for DJI Osmo Action is small and light to carry.


  • Mini tripod 
    • Diameter × height: 27.1 × 136.2 mm 
    • Weight: 108.98 grams
  • Universal adapter base 
    • Diameter × height: 27.1 × 24.13 mm 
    • Weight: 7.97 grams
  • Adapter base nut 
    • Diameter × height: 19.37 × 55 mm 
    • Weight: 10 grams

Compatible with

DJI Osmo Action

Package Contains

1 x CYNOVA Mini Tripod for DJI Osmo Actio
1 x Osmo Action CYNOVA Universal Adapter Base
1 x Osmo Action CYNOVA Adapter Base Nut