FREE Tello Coding Activities

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  • Students learn to fly Tello
  • Learn to code Tello
  • Learn what drones can do
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FREE Tello Coding Activities

Suitable for Ages 7+

Who has the time to develop resources? Why re-invent the wheel. This growing collection of coding and informative resources utilising drones, and in particular Ryze Tello, Tello EDU or Tello Iron Man Edition, will allow you to bring your kids coding experiences into the real 3D world. The good news is that the resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies area so you wont have to second guess how the content relates to the curriculum.

This product includes the following activities;

Activity 1 - Hello Tello

This activity introduces your students to the Ryze Tello drone and leads them through learning to fly the drone in a confined space. They investigate the safety aspects of flying a drone while learning to take off, manouvre, do flips and land. This activity gives students a feel for how the drone will perform so that when they are coding it's movements they will know what to expect.

The Activity has a Student version and a Teacher version with notes.

Activity 2 - Drone Possibilities

This activity leads students through an investigation of what drones can do now, and the open possiblities that the drone industry will offer in the future. It consists of a single lesson plan that provides the teacher with the direction to follow and the questions to ask, as well as suggested answers. The teacher will be able to use the leads provided to expand this Activity to suit any group of students from Year 3 on.

Activity 3 - Talk to Tello

This is an open ended activity that introduces students to the Droneblocks coding interface (very similar to Scratch), and allows them scope to develop their own missions once they get the hang of the basic coding. The sky is literally the limit to what students will be able to do with Tello and Droneblocks.

How to Access your Activities

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These resources will be forever FREE!

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