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DJI Phantom Bait Release | Gannet Sport


  • Fits DJI Phantom 2, 3 & 4
  • Simple but very effective mechanical release - no batteries or electronics
  • Mounts in seconds to your drone with no tools required
  • No interference with camera or Visual Positioning Sensors

WARNING: For safety, ensure you lift no more than 80% of the recommended drone payload maximum.

DJI Phantom Bait Release | Gannet Sport

Gannet Sport Bait Release | DJI Phantom | Southern Sun Drones


Gannet Sport Bait Release is a fully automatic mechanical release device designed for the Phantoms (2, 3 and 4). As a full mechanical device it does not require a battery or any electronics.

It is the lightest purpose-designed to release in the world at only 13g, ie 7x lighter than its closest rival.

Gannet Sport Bait Release is designed not to interfere with your drones (Visual Positioning Sensors) VPS sensors in default optimal installation position. VPS remains ON, unobstructed and active so you are not risking your camera or drone by disabling it. It will not interfere with the drone camera.

You can mount it in seconds to your drone with no tools required, and no modifications to the Phantom.

Lift upto 1.4Kg with a Phantom.

The entire release is installed below the radio antennas, which is in the drone legs, so it cannot interfere with signal or navigation at all. This becomes critical when at long range or in high interference areas.

Activation and Loading

The Gannet Sport Bait Release is activated whenever the pull force on the release line, the Drop-Loop, exceeds the user setting, so if set to release at 1kg you can comfortably fly 600-700g loads all day long, the trailing line, wind on it and the bait, is typically less than 200g in most conditions, so if you manually stop the spool whilst still flying forward the drone easily exceeds the additional needed 100g - 200g releasing the load.

Experience easy one handed loading while the drone is hovering. It is designed for 0,3mm to 1,4mm Drop-Loops of either nylon or even metal.

Drone Protection

The Gannet Sport Bait Release willrelease instantly should the reel or line snag to above the settings threshold, same as it would if a bird was to hit the line.

Compatible with

DJI Phantom 4 Series

DJI Phantom 3 Series

DJI Phantom 2

Drone NOT included