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Gel Beads for Robomaster S1 | DJI

  • Custom gel bead size perfectly fits the S1 Blaster.
  • Custom color allows added trajectory effects after the gel beads are launched.
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Gel Beads for Robomaster S1 | DJI

Gel Beads for Robomaster S1 | DJI | Southern Sun Drones

The gel bead, mainly containing sodium polyacrylate crosslinking copolymer, is safe and non-toxic. It is recommended to use the gel beads after soaking them in clean water for 3 to 4 hours at normal temperature.


  • Around 10,000 shots per bottle
  • Gel Bead Diameter: 5.9-6.8 mm
  • Gel Bead/Water Ratio: 500shots / 1000ml
  • Single Gel Bead Weight: 0.12-0.17 g (after being soaked in water)

Compatible with

DJI Robomaster S1

Package includes

2 x Bottle of Gel Beads