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DJI Racing Drone | iFlight TITAN DC5

  • Includes DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit - 720p 120fps Digital Video
  • Combo adds DJI FPV Goggles and Controller (Mode 1 or Mode 2) - RTF
  • SucceX-D F7(50A 4-in-1 ESC) Stack - Reliable and resilient electronics
  • XING 2207 Unibel 6S 1800KV Motors - Power and reliability
  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe with chamfered arms - 390gm drone weight
  • Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings - Get straight into it!
  • 6S Battery required

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  • DJI Racing Drone | iFlight TITAN DC5

    The TITAN DC5 w/ DJI Air Unit features the amazing new DJI FPV system, 


     The  iFlight Titan DC5 HDis a 5" Racing Drone that features the amazing 

    DJI FPV system.

    The iFlight Titan DC5 HD makes flying FPV absolutely breathtaking.



    With the 720p video shown at 120fps through the optional goggles, DJI has set the bar at a new high for clarity and image quality in an FPV system.



     The iFlight Titan DC5 HD drone is equipped with SucceX-D Mini F7 Stack and popular XING motors.

    Everything you just need to bind and fly!

    The ultra lighweight and superstrong carbon frame securely holds all components safely and optimises lift and power.

  • Specifications


    • SucceX-D Mini F7 + 40A ESC Stack
    • Equipped with the DJI FPV Air Unit (BNF)
    • 720p 120fps FPV feed
    • Equipped with XING 2207 motors
    • Weight: 390g without battery


    • Type: 5″ FPV Freestyle frame.
    • Frame wheelbase: 220mm.
    • Frame weight: 116g approx.
    • Main body dimension: 185x133mm
    • Bottom to top distance: 35mm
    • Arm thickness: 5mm
    • Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
    • Top plate thickness: 2.5mm
    • Camera plate thickness: 1.5mm( 2.5mm includeing TPU inserts)


    • SucceX-D Mini F7 Stack (40A 4-in-1 ESC)
    • Universal USB Type C connector instead of micro USB
    • Plug-and-Play. No need to solder tiny wires
    • Designed to support DJI Digital FPV
  •  Package Includes

    1 x Prebuilt and tested DC5 HD Quadcopter including;

    • 1 x DC5 HD Frame
    • 1 x DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit (FPV Camera + Air Unit Module)
    • 1 x TPU Bracket for DJI Air Unit Module
    • 1 x TPU Antenna holder for DJI antenna
    • 2 x TPU camera side plate soft mount
    • 1 x iFlight Lipo Strap 
    • 2 x Nazgul 5140 Propeller (Set of 4 - Color May Vary)
    • 4 x XING 2207 Motors Unibell(4S 2450KV,6S 1800KV)
    • 1 x SucceX-D Mini F7  Flight Controller
    • 1 x SucceX BLHeli32 50A 4-in-1 ESC 2-6S
    • 2 x DJI FPV Air Unit Antenna (MMCX 90° - Pair)

    Combo pack adds DJI FPV Goggles and Controller (Mode 1 or Mode 2)