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Mavic Air 2 UV Filter | PgyTech

  • Blocks UV & Blue Light
  • German SCHOTT Optical Glass
  • Double-Sided Multilayered Coating
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Mavic Air 2 UV Filter | PgyTech

Mavic Air2 UV Filter | PgyTech | Southern Sun Drones

Mavic Air 2 UV Filter from PgyTech protects your camera lens and filters out damaging UV light. The filter is constructed from German SCHOTT optical glass that has been ground and polished multiple times for a low refractive index to deliver accurate color reproduction. It's protected from damage with a waterproof, oil-resistant, and anti-scratch coating. Once installed, it works to block UV and blue light from entering the lens. This prevents images in open spaces, such as by the sea or large fields, from looking overly blue or white.

Mavic Air2 UV Filter | PgyTech | Southern Sun Drones

Double-Sided Coating

The filter is protected on both sides with a multilayered coating that is waterproof, oil resistant, and anti-scratch. The filter's optical glass contains an additional coating to also help reduce reflections without color shifts.

Additional Features

Lightweight aviation aluminum frame
Nonslip, quick release design