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MAVIC 2 Zoom ND PL Filters | PgyTech

  • ND8/PL ND16/PL ND32/PL ND64/PL
  • Reduces glare and light. Better control of exposure to make professional quality images or video
  • Very light and high quality

MAVIC 2 Zoom ND PL Filters | PgyTech

ND8/PL   ND16/PL   ND32/PL ND64/PL

ND PL Filters for MAVIC 2 Zoom | PgyTech includes four different ND-PL filters for your gimbal camera;ND8-PL, ND16-PL, ND32-PL, and ND64-PL filters. ND-PL filters are a hybrid of a neutral density filter and a polarized filter designed to provide the best of both worlds. They reduce light from hitting the sensor, minimize glare and reflections, and increase contrast in your final footage. This set reduces light from 3 to 6 stops.They are all constructed from clear optical glass that has gone through a nanometer double-sided, multilayer vacuum coating process. This coating is combined with multiple grinding and polishing passes to create filters that are waterproof, oilproof, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflective. The aluminum and glass filters weigh less than 1 gm each which adds a very minimal amount of weight to your Mavic 2 Zoom.

Compatible with

  • DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Package contains

  • 1 x ND8/PL
  • 1 x ND16/PL
  • 1 x ND32/PL
  • 1 x ND64/PL

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