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OSMO Pocket Filters | ND PL | PgyTech


The OSMO Pocket multi-layer vacuum coated Schott glass Pro filter series can effectively enhance the flexibility of the camera in different lighting environments; meeting diverse needs in several scenarios. The red anodized pro filters align perfectly with the camera and in the elegant box due to the magnets in their aviation aluminum frame. Get the benefits of ND and PL in the one lighweight filter.

PgyTech ND PL Filters

PgyTech ND PL Filters

Nanometer double-sided multi-layer vacuum coating process protects the lens for improving clarity and color effects.Double-sided anti-reflection coating.
is deposited on the surface of the optical components by ion-assisted evaporation
to reduce surface reflection and increasethe optical transmittance. Hardened super waterproof, oil proof coating. Multiple grinding and polishing
process. Double-sided film ; scratch resistant coating process.

PgyTech ND PL Filters

Uses German SCHOTT glass as its base material. Multiple grinding and polishing
processes and IAD multi-layer coating technology to ensure the highest requirements of the high-definition image quality.

Compatible with

  • DJI Osmo Pocket
  • DJI Pocket 2

Package Includes

1 x ND4/PL Filter

1 x ND8/PL Filter

1 x ND16/PL Filter

1 x ND32/PL Filter