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DJI Racing Drone | iFlight BumbleBee HD V2

  • No Props or frame in view!
  • High performance True-AIO Board SucceX-A - Saves weight and space
  • T700 Quality Carbon - 40% more tensile strength compared to common 3K carbon
  • Lightweight one-piece frame design - Less flexibility, more Rigid, more Durable
  • Low Resonance frame construction - Less Jello, more Cinematic footage
  • Includes DJI FPV Air Unit 720p 120fps FPV feed - Record in 1080p/60fps)
  • Butter smooth XING-C 1408 4S 3600KVmotors
  • Bumper prop guards - Protect sensitive environment, yourself and your props
  • Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings - Get straight into it
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  • DJI Racing Drone | iFlight BumbleBee HD V2 CineWhoop BNF

    The BumbleBee HD V2 BNF features the amazing DJI digital FPV system which makes flying truly breathtaking. With the 720p 120fps video in your Goggles, DJI has set the bar at a new high for clarity and image quality in FPV experience. 

    The whole frame was reduced to a minimum size and weight. iFlight came up with a 145mm diagonal motor distance for their new V2 (V1 142mm) and even fit the DJI Air Unit inside.

    They've also added a new bumper approach with loads of protective 3D TPU parts to protect yourself and your drone just in case... 

    Small space? Tight gaps? Indoor safety? But you need that 4K? Well, here goes your GoPro!

    There's always that customer that has this indoor project but just want to get footage in 4K. Here's the BNF you need to get the job done! 

    You have this location you wanna fly in, but no way you'd fly your standard razor blades around you or your friends?

    Do you just love the style and the fact that "props just won't break that often"? ... GO FOR IT!

  • Specifications

    • SucceX-A F4/40A BLHeli32 true AIO board
    • Motor: XING-C1408 4S 3600KV
    • Wheelbase: 145mmBody Size: 111*93mm
    • Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
    • Top plate thickness: 2.5mm
    • Top and bottom plate spacing: 27mm (aluminum standoff height)
    • Propeller size: 3 inch
    • FC pattern: 20x20mm,30.5x30.5mm
    • FPV cam spacing: 19mm
    • Weight: 356.7g (without battery)

  • Package Includes

    Pre-built and tested Quadcopter

    • 1x BumbleBee HD V2 Frame
    • 1x DJI FPV Camera
    • 1x DJI FPV Air Unit Module
    • 2x DJI FPV Air Unit Antenna SMA
    • 1x TPU Bracket for DJI Air Unit Module
    • 1x TPU Antenna holder for DJI antenna
    • 2x TPU camera side plate soft mount
    • 2x Nazgul 3040 propeller (Set of 4 - Color May Vary)
    • 2x MMCX to RP-SMA Female Adapter Cable
    • 1x iFlight Lipo Strap