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Robomaster S1 Battery Charger | DJI

  •  Recharges a Single Battery
  • Full Recharge in Approx. 90 Minutes
  • AC Charging Cable Required; Not Included

Robomaster S1 Battery Charger | DJI

Keep you robomaster going with its lifeblood. The Robomaster S1 Battery Charger will charge a single battery in 90 minutes. Keep 2 or 3 batteries to extend the fun!


Charging Time Approximately 90 Minutes
Model E1C28
Battery Model Supported EB1 10.8 VDC 2400 mAh
Rated Power 28 W
Input Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, and 1 A
Output Power 12.5 V at 0.8 A
12.6 V at 2.2 A


Package includes

1 x Robomaster S1 Battery Charger | DJI