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    Solar LED Batten Light- 12W 1200Lumens

    Here we introduce another high-quality energy-efficient solar-powered batten light which is the best in kind in the market. The 12w (1200Lumens) LED tube light which needs no electricity and minimum maintenance. You can use the provided remote control to switch the lighting mode between fix lighting and motion sensor lighting. This commercial quality LED tube light is widely used in many home and industrial applications. Its applications include but not limited to: garages and carports, garden sheds and outdoor entertainment areas, camping sites, and tents. The light is made from durable UV resistance ABC + PC and Aluminium Alloy. Its IP65 Ingress Protection rating means that the light is dustproof and waterproof. An solar panel with adjustable bracket included in the package. Versatile light head mounting bracket and a 5-meter connecting cable give you the flexibility to choose proffered location for the batten lights and set the lighting direction. This solar batten light can be used as a wall light or ceiling light. In-built powerful Lithium battery supports over 8 hours of lighting per night. It also grantees 4 nights of lighting after consecutive gloomy and rainy days. An add-on USB port for mobile phone charging makes it a perfect solution for temporary shelter/tent lighting and emergency camps or aid tents.

    Light Benefits:

    • $0 running cost, Zero maintenance.
    • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
    • Minimum of 8 hours of lighting over a night.
    • High brightness with least heat and no UV radiation.
    • A powerful battery that supports the longest hours of lighting functions.
    • Adjustable mounting bracket for solar panel and lighting fixture.
    • Easy DIY installation with no electrical wiring, cable or switches.

    Light Applications:

    • Garages, Undercover Carports, and Carparks
    • Covered Walkways, Garden Sheds, and Workshops
    • Veranda and Shade Structure in the Private or Public Open Spaces
    • Caravan Parks and Camping Sites
    • Boats, Caravans, Camping Tents, and Camper Trailers
    • Temporary Aid/Emergency Tents and Shelters
    • Farm Sheds, Barns, and Stables

    Light Features:

    • IP65: Protected from total dust ingress and from low-pressure water jets from any direction.
    • 10w 6v Monocrystalline Solar Panel
    • 60pcs of bright SMD2835 LEDs
    • Powerful 12.2Ah 3.7v Lithium-ion battery
    • Optional PIR Motion Activation Sets by Provided Remote Control

    Special Notes: - Choose your preferred location, ensuring plenty of natural, daily sunlight hits the solar panel. Check the position's effectiveness in the dark, and keep your light's solar panel clear of overhanging branches or awnings/blinds. - Please charge your new Solar Batten Light under direct, bright sunlight for over 8 hours before first-time use, as the battery power storage may have drained during shipping and storage. - Dull daylight hours will affect charging times, so exercise patience if the weather conditions are poor.



    - Exposure to fire and oil may cause an explosion. - Any severe knock or forceful smashing action may damage your light and affect its functionality. - Do not disassemble the light. Seek expert, professional technical help only. Solar Batten Light Package Includes Single Light Unit, A 10w Solar Panel, 5m Connecting Cable, Mounting Brackets, Remote Control, Expansion Pillar-hinges (lugs) and Screws, User Manual.