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Walkera F210 3D | Racing Drone

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  • You can set your own personal flight parameters
  • OSD provides instant on-screen aircraft status updates
  • Optimized receiver response times
  • Night vision HD Camera
  • Modular Design to suit different users needs
  • High Strength in flight Protection
  • Standard Equidistant Axis Design to fly faster and more easily
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Walkera F210 3D | Racing Drone

"One of the Best RTF FPV Racers"

Walkera F210 3D

Walkera F210 3D

 Standard Equidistant Axis Design

Walkera F210 3D

Independently researched and developed, the standard equidistant axis design provides better agility and flexibility. This means you can fly faster and more easily.

High Strength, In Flight Protection

Walkera F210 3D

Tested successfully under vigorous reliability tests, the F210 3D's motor guard plus landing frame cushion design provides unprecedented quality flight protection.

(Tests included; drop test, bending resistance, high and low temperature, high and low humidity.)

Modular design to suit different users

Walkera F210 3D

By selecting and combining modules, you can modify the F210 3D Edition to suit your needs.With the latest F3 Flight system, the professional speed controller and 5.8G image transmission you can easily set parameters according to your own needs. The modules are easy to install and disassemble.

Optimized Receiver Response Time

Walkera F210 3D

The receiver has been optimized to improve the speed of response even faster than before. RX response is 5 ms whic is 4 times faster in speed.


F3D Main Controller

Walkera F210 3D

The latest F3D flight control system is designed to provide a high-performance flying experience. Superb sensor algorithms in the CPU will provide an unparalleled high performance experience, whether you are doing FPV competitions, aerobatics or aerial photography. 

Personalized settings

Walkera F210 3D

You can set the flight control parameters according to your needs. The F3 flight controller, provides a platform for users from novice to expert. 

Mushroom Antenna

Walkera F210 3D

The mushroom antenna provides an ultra-long transmission range of over 800 meters. This allows for responsive, real-time  flight status updates and flight data,  even in FPV flight. Screen refresh is very smooth.

Anti-Collision Ruggedness

Walkera F210 3D

The bow design, based on anti-collision and anti-drop mechanics, reduces the impact of surface damage to a minimum, ensuring maximum safe protection in flight.

Night Vision HD Camera

Walkera F210 3D 

Without Night Vision

Walkera F210 3D 

 With Night Vision

The high performance, photosensitive sensor automatically adjusts according to the level of light. When in dark places, the chip can easily switch to infrared surveillance mode to ensure the aircraft traverses normally. Don't let low light interrupt your fun.

Easily Adjustable Camera Angle

 Walkera F210 3D

In manual mode, you can easily adjust the vertical angle of the camera through 90° according to your needs. It is easy and convenient.

700TVL Video 120° Horizontal Visual Range

Walkera F210 3D

The 120° super vision lens, provides clear and bright picture quality capturing a broad image and 700 TVL video in HD.

DEVO 7 Remote Control

Walkera Devo 7

The Devo 7 is a classic and professional remote control, with an ergonomic design that makes it is easy to use. Using 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum technology (DSSS) the Devo 7 can match frequencies and assign IDs automatically. It also has a customisable wireless copy function.

On Screen Display (OSD)

The F210 3D's optimzed OSD provides an interactive way of monitoring your drone status and functions. This includes Lock/Unlock, Low battery indication, Horizon line and Signal receiver alarm functions.Knowing the status of your drone gives an in flight edge.

 Safe Durable and Strong Battery

Walkera F210 3D Battery

The 210 3D edition Battery withwith super capacity and high rate discharge provides excellent performance. Its optimized Li-po electric core and TX76 seamless integration maximizes  flight time with responsive power.


Aircraft specifications

Main Rotor Dia


Overall (L x W x H)



370g(Battery excluded)

Remote Controller




Main Controller





F210 OSD

Brushless Motor


Brushless ESC

F210 3D(CW/CCW)


14.8V 1300mAh 40C 4S Li-PO

2D Flight Time


3D Flight Time

About 5mins

Working environment

-10? ~ +40?

Camera 700TVL

Horizontal Resolution


System Commitee


Video Out


Power Input

DC 12V

TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE) transmitter

5.8G wireless

image transmission

TX5825(FCC) Bind B section

4 channels

TX5824(CE) Bind B section

8 channels

TX5825(FCC) output power


TX5824(CE) output power