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Chasing M2 Battery | 200Wh

  • 200Wh swappable battery
  • Approximately 1 hour charging time
  • Quick, easy attachment and detachment
  • More than twice as long operatiing time compared to the original battery
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Chasing M2 Battery | 200Wh

The Chasing M2 Battery | 200Wh is a higher capacity replacement for the battery that comes with the Chasing M2 diving drone. The higher capacity allows for longer, uninterrupted exploration and discovery.

One of the advantages of the CHASING M2 ROV (not included) is the ability to field-swap its batteries. This allows for perpetual discovery underwater without the need to recharge the drone. By squeezing two clips and pulling on the battery ring, the battery detaches with ease. Charging time for each battery is approximately 1 hour.

Chasing M2 Battery | 200Wh | Southern Sun Drones

Compatible with

Chasing M2 Underwater Drone


  • Capacity 200Wh

  • Charging Time Approx. 1 hour

Package includes

1 x Chasing M2 200WH Swappable Battery

M2 NOT included