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Holy Stone HS270 | Foldable Drone

  • 2.7K Full HD (2K Ultra HD) Camera
  • Smart flight modes
  • Automatic return home
  • 600m control range
  • 18 minutes of flight time
  • 30 Day Replacement Warranty
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  • Holy Stone HS270

    Holy Stone HS270 | Southern Sun Drones

    The perfect drone for beginners. Easy to fly with a dedicated Radio Control; no hard to use phone App controls. Also a good entry level photography drone with it's 2.7K HD Camera, and GPS stability. The intelligent flight modes allow you to learn some of the more advanced techniques of aerial photography and videography.

    2.7K Full HD (2K Ultra HD) Camera

    The 2K UHD or 2.7K camera with 90° rotation can capture straight ahead, vertically down or anywhere in between. The 120° wide angle lens gives a wider perspective to your shots.

    Holy Stone HS270 | Southern Sun Drones

    Smart Flight Modes

    Holy Stone HS270 | Southern Sun Drones



    Follow me

    You can make the HS270 follow you while you walk, run, ride etc so it captures action shots of you moving.





     Holy Stone HS270 | Southern Sun Drones




    Tap and Fly

    Simply tap on the screen and the HS270 will fly to that spot. 

    Setup custom flight paths that the HS270 will automatically follow to let you concentrate on capturing images.


     Holy Stone HS270 | Southern Sun Drones



     Auto Return to Home

    If power gets too low, or the control signal is lost or you push the RTH button, the HS270 will automatically return to where it took off from.




    Holy Stone HS270 | Southern Sun Drones




    Point of Interest

    HS270 can automatically orbit a pre-set subject while you capture images or video





    Ease of Use

    This a fantastic drone for beginners, including kids. It is so easy to fly due to its GPS and easy controls using a separate radio control unit. No phone controller here.

    Holy Stone HS270 | Southern Sun Drones
    Holy Stone HS270

    30 Day Warranty

    All Holy Stone Drones come with a 30 Day Replacement Warranty. This means that if you are using the drone according to the instructions and it fails due to quality issues within 30 days of purchase it will be replaced. See our Warranty and Returns page for more details.
  • Specifications


    595 g


    195 x 104 x 80mm(Folded);428 x 295 x 80mm(Unfolded)

    Flight Time: 

    18 minutes

    Charging Time:

    6 hours

    FPV Distance:

    40 metres

    Flight Control Distance:

    600 metres

    Camera Frequency:


    Camera Angle:

    0° to -90°

    Video/photo Resolution:

    2K UHD 3840×2160P (stored in micro SD card) 2K HD 2976×1680P (stored on mobile phone)

    Max Expansion:

    32GB micro SD Card (Not Included)


    Brush Motor


  • Package includes

    1 x HS270
    1 x Transmitter RC
    1 x Flight Battery
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    4 x Propellers (2 x CW, 2 x CCW)
    4 x Screws
    1 x Screwdriver
    1 x Instructions