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Drone Life Bouy | Swellpro

  • Lightweight and durable lifebuoy specially designed for dropping by drone.
  • Much more efficient compared to life-saving jacket.
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Drone Life Bouy | Swellpro

The drone lifebouy efficiently carries out the role of a light weight, drone delivered SAR device. Deliver faster and easier than a standard life jacket.

Compatible with

Any waterproof drone with a suitable payload release device and the power to lift the lifebouy. eg Splashdrone 3+. Splashdrone 4, Spry+, Gannet Pro and Gannet Pro Plus.


Cover Material: Waterproof Polyester Oxford Neoprene
Airbag material: Nylon + TPU
Inflation time: Less than 5s
Buoyancy: 110N
Floating duration: Greater than 48hrs
Buoyancy loss after 24 hours: Less than or equal to 5%.

Package includes

1 x Lifebouy (no gas cylinder)