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    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro

    • Beginner Friendly
    • 2.2KG Bait Capacity
    • 1.3 KM Casting Range
    • IP67 Seawater-proof
    • Level 7 Wind Resistance
    • Calibration-Free Flight Sensors
    • GPS 9.0 Precise Positioning
    • S6 Flight Controller
    • Slide-in Battery
    • Engineered for Bait Lifting
    • 2.2 KG Bait Capacity

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    Fisherman FD1+ | Swellpro

    Fishing Drone for Every Fisherman

    Cast Baits Further Out

    Discover the power of the SwellPro Fisherman FD1+ - the ultimate waterproof fishing drone for beginners. Say goodbye to complicated features and hello to a simple yet effective way to take your bait to uncharted waters. Get the best value with FD1+.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern SunFishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    The new FD1+’s propulsion system is optimized to provide higher strength and higher efficiency than its predecessor, allowing the drone to lift baits weighing up to 2.2 kg with astonishing ease. This means that anglers can take advantage of heavy-duty baits to attract the biggest fish, confident that the drone will handle the load reliably.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun
    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    Smooth Control ESCs

    The integration of sine wave ESCs in the FD1+ ensures gentle and progressive motor acceleration, increasing stability when the drone starts lifting additional weights off the ground. The precise control provided by these ESCs also allows for delicate maneuvering and stable hovering, which is essential when positioning baits at specific GPS coordinates.

    High Torque Motors

    FD1+ is equipped with 4 brushless motors with low KV rating that are capable of producing high torque to generate enough thrust to lift heavy baits.

    S6 Flight Controller

    With improved responsiveness, the new S6 flight controller actively makes real-time adjustments to maintain the FD1+‘s altitude and balance, ensuring stable operation even with heavy baits attached.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    High Voltage Batteries

    FD1+ is powered by a high-voltage lihv 6S battery with the aim to increase the drone’s lifting capacity. With high power-to-weight ratio, the FD1+’s flight battery enable the drone to carry heavy baits without sacrificing flight stability, and has enough thrust to operate in challenging conditions such as strong winds.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    Designed for New Pilots

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    GPS 9.0

    With improved satellites connectivity, the latest 9th-gen GPS provides unparalleled precision and stability when anglers are navigating FD1+ to the specific fishing spot. The drone will maintain its position and course even in windy condition.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun


    Thanks to the S6 flight controller, anglers can deploy the FD1+ for fishing swiftly, bypassing the complicated calibration process. FD1+ can automatically calibrate its sensors to maintain stability and control during flight.

    Cruise Mode

    The cruise mode controls the FD1+ to automatically fly at a constant speed and direction, making long-distance drone-casting effortless. Without constantly adjusting the drone’s flight, anglers can focus more on the fishing aspects.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun


    When FD1+ is out of sight, a press of a button can automatically bring the drone back to the take-off point. The auto-return feature can also be triggered in emergencies such as low battery or signal loss.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    Slide-in Battery

    Replacing the FD1+ battery is a breeze. Simply pop open the hatch, slide the battery into its slot, press the power button, and you're all set! Rest assured, the hatch is completely watertight, thanks to its rubber seal, ensuring everything stays dry when sealed.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    Screw-on Propellers

    The propeller's threaded design of FD1+ ensures a straightforward setup, securely fastening the propellers to prevent them from detaching during high-thrust situations when the motors are working at high speeds.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    Built for A Longer Life

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    IP67 Saltwater-proof

    The aircraft of FD1+ is entirely sealed, then air-pressure tested and dunk tested to guarantee 100% waterproof. The fuselage is made from marine-grade ABS to increase strength and prevent distortion.


    The waterproof motors, waterproof bait release and internal electronics of FD1+ are coated with corrosion-resistant coating - adding an extra layer of protection against the salty air.

    Self-Floating Design

    We designed the FD1+ with sufficient buoyancy on the aircraft itself The drone can keep floating when landing on the water and take off again.

    64 KPH Wind Resistance

    With its robust propulsion system and the precision of GPS 9.0 technology, FD1+ is capable of holding its position and stability even in wind speeds reaching 64 kph / 35 knots.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun

    Automatic Flip

    Should the fishing drone inadvertently flip over in the water, the joysticks can be utilized to right it, restoring it to its upright orientation, after which you can pilot it safely back to shore.

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun


    Waterproof Rating: IP67
    Weight: 1578g (Without battery); 2291g (With Battery)
    Max Take-Off Weight: 4491g
    Size (W/O Propeller): 628*628*218mm (With propellers); 372*372*202mm (Without propellers)
    Max Ascent Speed: 3m/s
    Max Descent Speed: 2m/s
    Max Flight Speed: GPS:10m/s; ATTI:18m/s (Without payload), 14m/s (With max payload)
    Max Tilt Angle: 30°
    Max Altitude From Takeoff Point: 120m default
    Max Flight Distance: 1300m
    Max Image Transmission Distance: 1300m
    Max Payload Capacity: 2200g(4.8lb)
    Max Wind Speed Resistance: 18m/s
    Max Flight Time(Hovering): 27 mins (no wind & no load)
    Hovering Precision: ±0.5m
    Working Temperature: -10°C~40°C
    Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS + Galileo + BeiDou

    Package includes

    1 x AIRCRAFT
    1x USB-C CABLE
    1 x CARRY CASE

    Fishing Drone FD1+ | Swellpro | Southern Sun