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    JumpsPower 200W Solar Panel Portable Charger Power Generator Foldable Camping

    JumpsPower 200W Solar Panel Portable Charger Power Generator Foldable Camping

    The JumpsPower 200W Portable Solar Panel is a benchmark in advanced solar technology and innovative design, built for the eco-conscious traveller seeking power and portability. Its construction with top-tier monocrystalline silicon cells under a protective ETFE film ensures robust endurance against environmental stressors while maximizing energy conversion efficiency.

    Weighing just 6.1kg, this panel is a marvel of engineering, crafted with materials that balance durability with ease of use. Its IP67 waterproof rating guarantees performance in diverse outdoor situations. The panel comes equipped with a variety of output ports, including USB-C and USB-A, alongside a powerful DC output, making it a versatile source for charging an extensive range of electronic devices and portable power stations.

    Product Features:

    • Premium monocrystalline silicon cells enveloped in ETFE film for high efficiency and longevity
    • Lightweight at only 6.1kg for portability without compromising on power
    • IP67 waterproof rating for reliable use in all weather conditions
    • Multiple charging outputs including USB-C, USB-A, and DC to cater to a wide array of charging needs
    • High conversion rate to ensure quick and efficient charging

    Product Included:

    • 1 x JumpsPower 200W Portable Solar Panel
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 2 x Snap Hook
    • 1 x MC4 to DC Cable

    Product Specification:


    Rate Power: 200W Max.
    Power Voltage: 19.44V
    Power Current: 10.3A Max.
    Open Circuit Current: 23.6V
    Short Circuit Current: 11.6A
    DC Output: 200W Max. (19.44V / 10.3A)
    Operating Temperature: -10 degrees to 65 degrees
    Unfolded Size: 2280 x 600 x 17mm
    Folded Size: 610 x 600 x 30mm
    Weight: 6.1kg