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    Swellpro Fisherman Battery

    • Specifically designed for Swellpro Fisherman
    • 4S LiHV
    • 15.2 V
    • 6500 mAh | 98.8Wh

    Swellpro Fisherman Battery

    SwellPro Fisherman flight battery is specifically designed to fit Fisherman's internal chamber to maximize Fisherman flight time. It features a 98.8Wh high voltage lithium-polymer battery

    Compatible with

    Swellpro Fisherman


    Battery type: 4S LiHV
    Voltage: 15.2 V
    Capacity: 6500 mAh | 98.8Wh
    Weight: 630 g

    Package includes

    1 x Swellpro Fisherman Battery